Locksmith Services

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We Cover a Wide Variety of Services!

The protection of your property, as well as your unhindered access to it, is our main priority, and that’s why our Company has experts in many fields to cover your every possible locksmith need. Whether you need us for your commercial, residential or car locks, Aventura Locksmith has you covered.


Residential Services:

  • Lock Fix and Repair: Broken and old locks are restored to functioning condition.
  • Master Systems: We install locks that can be opened with individual keys and one master key for your personal fast access.
  • Dead Bolt Locks: Extremely safe locks without a spring that are very hard to bypass.
  • Door Knob Locks: We install and replace door knob locks.
  • Re-Key Locks: Want a new key for an old lock? We create new keys (different from the old ones) for the same locks, so you don’t have to change locks if a key is lost. With re-keying your locks won’t open to anyone who holds the old keys.
  • High Security Locks: Our Company offers a variety of high security locks to install on front doors and important rooms. These locks are near impossible to bypass without alarming the whole neighborhood.


Commercial Services:

  • High Security Systems: We use only the most thoroughly tested and reliable security systems, to ensure that your business is absolutely safe from intrusion.
  • Lock Repair: Fixing your commercial locks is among the things we do best.
  • Safe Repairs: Our experts can repair a wide variety of safes, fast and efficiently.
  • Lock Re-Key: We create new, original keys for your old locks. Instantly elevate your security without the hassle (and higher cost) of changing all your commercial locks.
  • Access Control: Installing systems that can be accessed only by a selected few of your choosing.
  • Digital Control Keypad and Card: We install digital protection systems that respond only to a typed password on a keypad or to the swipe of a particular card.
  • Intercom and Buzzer: We have experience in installing buzzers and intercoms, which allow you to control who gains access to your business from afar.


Auto Services:

  • Laser Cut Keys: We cut car keys for you at a fraction of what a car dealership would charge.
  • Lock Repair: Fixing the locks to your car doors and trunk.
  • Broken Key Extraction: Safely removing the broken part from inside the lock or ignition.
  • Club Removal: If you lose the key to your safety club, we come and remove it for you.
  • Transponder Key: We fix or replace your transponder keys.
  • Lock-out: We come to you to open your car, anytime, anywhere within 15 mn.